Why Does Assad Buy Oil From ISIS?

By William Van Wagenen

Originally published by the Libertarian Institute here.

A common claim in the mainstream narrative about the Syrian conflict is that the “Assad regime” is “colluding” with the notorious terror group, ISIS. Some commentators even suggest that the Syrian government actually created ISIS in an effort to “Islamize” the Syrian revolution, and thereby destroy the supposedly secular, democratic, moderate rebel forces allegedly fighting for freedom against the Syrian dictatorship. By doing so, Assad would force “the world to choose between his regime and ISIS.”

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Does the Left Have an “Islamophobia” Problem?

By William Van Wagenen


Recently, the website Muftah published a series of articles, several of which attempted to defend the reputation of Salafism/Wahhabism, lamenting the fact that many on the Left, and indeed many Muslims, seek to scapegoat Salafism/Wahhabism for the crimes committed by militants from the Islamic State (henceforth, “Daesh”).1 One author, Ramah Kudaimi, went so far as to say that criticism of Wahhabism is tantamount to Islamophobia, and that such criticisms should have no place among Leftists attempting to resist the so-called “War on Terror.”

Kudaimi writes that “When these leftists are inevitably challenged for their bigotry, they insist their remarks are not Islamophobic because they specifically target the ‘extremist, genocidal ideologies’ of Salafism and Wahhabism – as though this is somehow a sensible justification. In reality, these articulations are blatantly Islamophobic. “2

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